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  • Jessica is the real deal. I've been read several times throughout the years and Jessica has been the only person who actually connected with me & brought up things that no one would know about myself or my personal life, family, loved ones who've passed, etc. After my reading with Jessica I felt much more at ease and settled. Jessica is honest & so sweet. - K. Dobbins, 

  • Never been to a medium before and it was the best experience of my life. I highly recommend going to her, she told me exactly what I needed to hear and was super nice! - B. Cundy

  • It was such a pleasure to have a tarot reading by Jessica! I would recommend to anyone looking for this type of service. Also i've had her sketch furry family members for a friend..came out amazing. Just an all around good, honest individual. - D. Fries

  • She was truly amazing and blessed to have met her she opened my eyes to things that were going on in my life .i have seen other people like her ib the past and she was by far the most honest and amazing person. - T. Shure

  • I hosted an event at the salon i work at, hair circus, it was a welcome event to my new clients to embrace my new home. I was looking for a medium, and immediately people recommended Jessica for this. There were other recommendations, but call me crazy, from the moment i spoke to Jessica i loved her energy compared to all the others. She is welcoming, loving, humble, and a true artist in her craft. All my clients absolutely loved getting readings from her and i know i loved my reading as well. From start to finish, i truly enjoyed the whole experience. We look forward to doing many more events with her as well! If you're looking for a true medium, a person that is amazing, passionate in her work, and not a bullshitter, shes the best I've ever met! - M. Morte

  • Jessica has made me feel completely at ease with her presence. I was in a rough place the first time I saw her, very skeptic of the trade even after seeing other Reiki masters. She quoted them almost verbadem. There's no way she could've known that! It really opened up my mind to accepting the spiritual feelings that I needed in my life. - R. Schultz

  • Jessica Lee is the only medium I will ever go to again in my life! She has told me things that NOT A SOUL would know or even fathom. I highly recommend her!!! - C. Beatz

  • So happy I have a regular psychic to work with now, I myself am an "intuitive" coach but I cant figure everything out for myself. My first reading was casual at my event, she described someone living with me months later which I didnt take seriously then Im home with the guy like...really? I totally forgot she had predicted that. So I needed a new reading asap. I did a full love one now and she nailed my intentions and help challenge me with new rules and strategies for myself as a woman seeking the right partner. She's tough too, quite the Empress, very happy to work with her to build up my own energetic resources, heal and live my own best life <3. - E. Correa

  • Jessica is the real deal! I have had several readings in the past, and none were as accurate and personal as my experience with Jessica. She was able to immediately pinpoint my current struggles, and reveal events from my past that I've shared with very few people. Truly a life changing experience! - G. Blake

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